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Art installation by Andreas Øksenholt 

At Engø Gård you can explore a unique art installation inspired by 'Flower of Life'. The installation combines diverse expressions with a fascination for flowers and sacred symbols, inviting visitors to dive deeper into consciousness and good vibrations.


Location: Engø Gård

About “Flower of Life”:

The “Flower of Life” is an ancient geometric pattern that dates back to the earliest signs of human civilization. This symbol is found in temples all over the world, from Egypt and South America to Japan and China. It represents the vibration and expansion of life, and all modern geometric shapes can be traced back to this pattern.

Studying the “Flower of Life” opens up good vibrations and new paths of consciousness. Leonardo da Vinci was among the many artists who were fascinated by this sign. The pattern is chosen for its ability to raise consciousness and bring healing vibrations to those who are open to it.

About Andreas Øksenholt:

The artist behind this installation is inspired by both Solan and Reodor Felgen, combining a zen approach with dynamic energy. He is fascinated by flowers and an optimistic student of life.

About Engø Gård:

Engø Gård is a resort on Tjøme, known for its dazzling beauty and first-class facilities. The resort offers unique accommodation options, exquisite dining and a range of activities for guests who want to experience the best of the Norwegian coastal landscape.

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