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Art installation by Are Tollan

Now you can experience a unique art installation by Are Tollan at Engø Gård. Are Tollan's art is based on daily urban impressions while he tries to let the moods, both cheerfulness and sadness, become part of the expression.


Location: Engø Gård


Are Tollan's work at Engø this year is pictorial, as well as being an installation. The art consists of two pictures mounted on a frame that is then anchored in the ground. The frame is designed so that the art rotates in the wind, adding a dynamic element to the exhibition.

The theme of the artworks is wildlife. Here, Tollan combines happy, soft colors, painted on aluminum which is the hard opposite and which will be a nice contrast to the green meadow.

About Are Tollan:

With a background as a graphic designer for 25 years, his path to the art world was short, but as a visual artist did not start until 2000. That same year, Tollan had his first solo exhibition at Galleri Arto in Tønsberg. Since then he has had a number of solo and group exhibitions around Norway.


Early on, Tollan experimented with abstract motifs in acrylic and stain on a background of molding compound on plates. But his longing for larger expressive surfaces on canvas and stronger colors led him to a form that combines contemporary art with graffiti and pop art.

About Engø Gård:

Engø Gård is an exclusive resort in Tjøme, renowned for its stunning beauty and top-notch facilities. The resort offers unique accommodation options, first-class dining, and a variety of activities for guests looking to experience the best of the Norwegian coastal landscape.

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