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Infection control measures at Engø Gård Hotel & Restaurant

We must all work together so that everyone has a safe and pleasant stay with us. That is why we have set up these guidelines for visits to the hotel and restaurant. 




















 Infection control measures

We ask that good information is provided in advance of the stay. We need the name and telephone number of at least one person in each household, but preferably of everyone who visits the hotel or restaurant.


If someone in your party feels unwell, it is best if they stay at home. This is an individual assessment that each individual participant/guest must take.


When you are with us; keep your distance from other guests and wash your hands thoroughly and often. Antibac is available in all our premises.


For infection tracking purposes, you can register your visit with us with SafeSpot. There are QR codes available around the hotel that you scan with your mobile camera and then fill in contact information. We keep this information for infection tracking reasons, and only for 2 weeks. We encourage all our guests to register their visit.



We practice frequent disinfection and washing of all contact surfaces such as handles, payment terminals etc. In addition to thorough washing of all premises and hotel rooms before and after use.


We try to give everyone as early a check-in as possible.


As far as possible, we ask that hotel guests use the toilet in their own hotel room rather than shared toilets in the restaurant, reception and meeting rooms.

The breakfast is served as a buffet, but we ask that the guests respect the distance rules when they feed themselves from the buffet and use the antibac stations, and preferably gloves that are available, before they collect food from the buffet.

For conference groups, family gatherings and other gatherings:

We need the name and telephone number of everyone who attends the meeting. Use the participant list for this.

In the meeting rooms and function rooms, arrangements are made for a good distance between the participants.

Extra disinfection is always available in the meeting rooms. To reduce the risk of infection, we ask that, for example, the handles of coffee pots and water jugs be disinfected between uses. Do not touch cups or glasses that you are not going to use yourself.

We have good communication with the municipal doctor in Færder and the Environmental Protection Agency, who give us advice on good infection control practices. We also keep ourselves continuously updated on national restrictions and local rules in Færder Municipality and the surrounding area. 



   Færder Municipality 

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