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Up to 110 people

Rent the entire hotel exclusively, including all common areas, the Spa Badehuset, 5 conference rooms, our 49 hotel rooms with 110 beds and breakfast for all staying guests the following day. Dinner is served in restaurant Pileredet. This is perfect if you want a private and elegant environment for your event. 

Maximum number in our meeting rooms:
Up to 80 people in Paviljongen
Up to 40 people in Stallen
Up to 10 people in Villa Engø
Up to 20 people in Sjøboden
Up to 12 people in Tenk Klokt
Up to 12
 people in Tenk Klart
Starting prices for renting Engø Gård 2023/2024:
Engø Gård NOK 195,000

Pensjonatet NOK 45,000

Sjøglimt NOK 5,000

Sjøboden NOK 15,000

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