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Art installation by Susanne Kittelsen

Visit Engø Gård to see Susanne Kittelsen's, also known as Susifrozt, new art installation. Kittelsen, an artist from Tønsberg, presents 'Melting Bloom' - a powerful and visual reminder of our shared responsibility to protect nature.


Location: Engø Gård

Susanne's hand-carved and painted wooden sculptures of melting flowers symbolize the beauty we risk losing without action against environmental pollution. Each sculpture is unique and captures nature's fragility and need for preservation. With her passion for art, design and illustration, Susanne creates engaging and colorful works that both make you smile and reflect. Take a stroll through the beautiful meadow at Engø and be inspired by these vibrant works of art.

About Susanne Kittelsen:

Susanne Kittelsen, known as Susifrozt, is an artist and illustrator based at Caspari ArtSpace in central Tønsberg. Caspari ArtSpace is a gallery with a studio that is open every day. Kittelsen combines art, design and illustration to create works that both inspire and delight.

For more information about Susanne Kittelsen, visit and Also follow Susanne on Instagram: @Susifrozt_no and TikTok: @Susifrozt_no to get a glimpse of the artist before your visit.

About Engø Gård:

Engø Gård is an exclusive resort in Tjøme, renowned for its stunning beauty and top-notch facilities. The resort offers unique accommodation options, first-class dining, and a variety of activities for guests looking to experience the best of the Norwegian coastal landscape.

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