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Rent Engø Gård

Up to 110 people

Villa Engø

4-12 guests

In the middle of the yard, completely private, you will find Villa Engø. This exclusive villa has a fully equipped kitchen and 3 classic living rooms in a row. On the second floor there are two Deluxe double rooms, Syd and Nord. 

The pleasant kitchen is often used for small cooking courses and/or wine tastings. 


Villa Engø is equally suitable for both board meetings and family celebrations.

There is room for four people to stay overnight in the two deluxe rooms, 10 people for a meeting and up to 12 people for dinner.


Up to 22 guests

At the very edge of the water with a view of Røssesundet lies Sjøboden. Sjøboden has an exclusive, rustic feel.


The venue is perfect for intimate celebrations or long lunches for those of you who want something

out of the ordinary. 


Sjøboden is a short walk from the yard, down by Engø Brygge. We serve a set shellfish menu with shellfish soup for starters, shellfish platter with oysters, prawns, crayfish, crab claws and scallops for main course, and crème brûlée for dessert.


40-60 guests

If you are planning a celebration of between 25-60 guests, Pensjonatet is the perfect place for you. 


In Pensjonatet you have two charming living rooms, a light and airy banquet room with a glass ceiling, a built-in glass terrace, a pleasant terrace facing the meadow, and four deluxe double rooms. 


There is plenty of space for both dancing and

avec after dinner.


10-20 people

Sjøglimt is a popular chambre séparée in Låven. You look down at the water while enjoying good food and drinks.

Sjøglimt also includes a reserved part of the terrace, perfect for an aperitif in sunny weather.