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Kunst i enga: A Visual Celebration at Engø Gård

Engø Gård is proud to present “Kunst i enga”, a unique art exhibition that brings together the works of four outstanding artists from Vestfold. This exhibition focuses on saving our planet through conscious consumption. From June 20, visitors can explore amazing installations that challenge and inspire.


Susanne Kittelsen's 'Melting Bloom'
Tønsberg-based Susanne Kittelsen, also known as Susifrozt, is exhibiting her latest installation 'Melting Bloom' at Engø Gård. Her hand-carved and painted wooden sculptures, depicting melting flowers, are a strong visual reminder of environmental protection. Kittelsen combines art, design and illustration to create engaging works that capture the beauty and vulnerability of nature. Each sculpture is unique and inspires reflection on our responsibility to preserve the environment.

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Steinar Caspari's 'Lovebomb, Much Needed'
Experience a dynamic art installation by the country's leading graffiti artist, Steinar Caspari. His work, 'Lovebomb, Much Needed', is a powerful expression of the importance of love in a chaotic world. Caspari's art combines technical skill with creative expression, reflecting his 20-year career and collaborations with both national and international artists. The installation reminds us of love's ability to build bridges and promote inclusion.

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Are Tollan's 'Harmony, I guess…'

Are Tollan presents a unique installation that unites art and movement. His work consists of two images mounted on a frame that rotates in the wind, exploring the theme of wildlife with happy, soft colors painted on aluminum. Tollan, with his background as a graphic designer, has created a visual contrast that plays against the green meadow and creates a dynamic element in the exhibition.

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Andreas Øksenhol 'Flower of Life: En Reise i Bevissthet'

Explore a fascinating installation inspired by the ancient geometric pattern “Flower of Life”. This installation combines flowers and sacred symbols to promote good vibrations and increased awareness. The pattern, known from cultures all over the world, represents the vibrations and expansion of life, and has inspired artists such as Leonardo da Vinci.

Read more about Andreas here  

Location: Engø Gård

The exhibition is open to the public from June 20. Take a trip to Engø Gård and let yourself be inspired by these unique works of art that invite reflection and joy in beautiful surroundings.

Press Contact: Emma Järpell /

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